A Sample Flow in Tableau Prep (Project Maestro)

I recently had the privilege of presenting a preview of Tableau’s Project Maestro (now known as Tableau Prep) to the Amazon Tableau User Group.  This is not the exact presentation, but is a very similar data flow to the one I demonstrated there.  The flow also shows how to replicate a Level of Detail calculation in Maestro to capture the latest snapshot of data from a source (which I detailed here).

By the way, if you aren’t part of the public beta for Maestro, you should consider signing up!  It’s a great way to learn and evaluate and add your valuable voice to talk about the features and functions that matter most to you!

Also, if you happen to be in Dallas on February 27th or Austin on February 28th, then come to the Tableau User Group (register here for Dallas and here for Austin).  I’ll be presenting the new features on Tableau 10.5 and giving a preview of Maestro!

And here is a sample flow in Tableau Prep:

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