Bob Ross Mashup: The Joy of Viz Painting 2

I grew up watching Bob Ross and as I watched him mix colors and beat brushes, I knew that I could be an artist. He had such an optimism, excitement, and passion.  And he knew that he could inspire others to have the same.

Now, most often, my paint is data and my canvas and brush set is Tableau.  But my desire is to find joy in the art of data visualization and to inspire others: you can do it too!  Make something beautiful, make something impactful, make something insightful, make something bold, make something innovative!  And share it! And have fun while you do it…

And speaking of fun:


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  1. LaTauya Fisher says:

    This is awesome and super creative! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  2. Lotte says:

    Love it, Bob is a legend

    • Joshua Milligan says:

      Thank you! Growing up, I watched him regularly and he convinced me that I could do anything with a brush and prussian blue!

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