Now Published: Learning Tableau 10, 2nd ed! (Chance to win a copy)

Have you noticed my blogging frequency has been down in the last few months? Have you missed me on Twitter? Wonder why I haven’t done a lot more webinars? Or likely you haven’t missed me a bit!  Well, the reason you haven’t seen much of me is that for the last few months I’ve been busy wrapping up writing, revising, correcting, and re-writing Learning Tableau 10, second edition!

Learning Tableau 10, 2nd ed.

First, some marketing (which you always appreciate, right?):

  • It’s now published! (and available from Packt Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and other booksellers — actually some book sellers currently have it listed as unavailable — but it should be available in the next day or two!)
  • I’m presenting a webinar tomorrow (October 6th, noon CDT) that will cover the journey of writing the book, the process, the help I received along the way, plus a Tableau tip or two! Plus, I hear that anyone attending the webinar has a CHANCE TO WIN A FREE, SIGNED COPY! Register to Attend Here
  • I presented a webinar and one attendee was selected live to receive a free copy of Learning Tableau 10. You can catch a recording here.

And with that out of the way, some reflection:

  • I am deeply grateful to the technical reviewers Bridget Cogley (blog | twitter) and Shawn Wallwork (Tableau Forumstwitter). I’ll highlight some of their contributions in the webinar (see marketing section above).  Thank you both, for all your hard work, critique, thoughtfulness, and encouragement!  I’m also deeply grateful to the editors, managers, and staff at Packt Publishing.
  • I truly get excited when I imagine readers being helped by what I write.  My goal was to write a book for users across the spectrum: beginners, people who have been using Tableau for a while, and even advanced users looking for Tableau tips and tricks along with a solid understanding of advanced features.  I truly welcome any feedback: positive encouragement along with helpful critique.  The feedback I received on the first edition was quite helpful when I came to write the second.  If there’s a third edition (or possibly even a new book or some other kind of project), your feedback will be helpful for me to understand how to best communicate how Tableau works and how to use it effectively to understand and communicate data.
  •  I’m glad to be through the process (for now!)  A second edition isn’t quite the amount of effort as a first, but it’s still great to be done with writing, re-writing, and churning out pages of content.  I love it and I’ve learned a lot, but it’s great to have a break (or at least time to blog, hang out on Twitter, and browse the Tableau forums again!)

Thanks for reading!

6 Responses so far.

  1. Cliff says:

    Just. Bought and put on Kindle from Pakt!

  2. James Colvin says:

    Bummer that the RSS notification on this article just hit my feed, _after_ your webinar. 🙁

  3. Helen says:

    Joshua, great book, thank you. I am having difficulties with Bar in Bar chart (chapter 3). Somehow Tableau 10 does not create special pills “Measure names” and “Measure values” – can you please explain in more detail.

    • benmelek_admin says:

      Thank you! Tableau 10 should allow you to use Measure Names and Measure Values in the same way as previous versions. If you are still having issues, I’d be happy to help! I’ll email you so we can make connection and take a look at specifics.

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