Tableau Forum Fun: Grand totals next to columns

I really love the Tableau Community Forums.  If you haven’t ever experienced the forums, you really should!  It’s a vibrant community all centered around helping people learn Tableau and solve real world problems!

helpYou can participate as a helper and provide answers to individuals who are asking Tableau questions or ask for help if you have a sticky Tableau question and would like some input from others and even have fun by doing things like trying to solve Educational Brain Teasers.

But however you participate in the forums, I guarantee that you’ll learn. This happens in so many ways:

  • You’ll get direct answers
  • You’ll attempt to solve someone else’s problem and it will stretch you because you’ve never seen that data, had that particular challenge, had to use Tableau in quite that way before, etc…
  • You’ll see how others solve problems and sometimes it’s different/better/easier/harder/more maintainable/more brittle/more flexible/slower/faster than the solution you came up with (or failed to come up with) – but you’ll see approaches and patterns that you never considered and now they’ll be part of your tool belt when you encounter similar situations in the future.

At any rate, I thought I’d take a bit of time each week (or most every week) and share something I learned or did on the Tableau Forums!  Originally, I was going to call the series, “Tableau Forum Friday”.  But it’s Monday and why should we wait! So, now this series is Tableau Forum Fun!

And, here’s the first…


Grand Totals Next to Columns

One forums participant, Henry, asked how to get totals to show within the column where they where applicable (see original post).  So instead of showing up at the far right, how do you move Profit and Sales total columns next to the Segment columns?

Move Tableau Grand Totals

Here’s a quick, two minute video that shows how:

5 Responses so far.

  1. Leigh Fonseca says:


    Really nice tip. Simple, elegant and efficient. Thanks for sharing and for showing how nimble Tableau can be.


  2. Sina says:

    Such a nice way! I came up with a complex calc field but it wasn’t as neat as your tip. Thanks for the video!

  3. hari prasad says:

    Hi Joshua, Thanks for sharing a nice tip this tip very helpfullfor me
    Thank You

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