One Trick to Hide Titles in Tableau

Sometimes you want to customize titles or even hide titles in Tableau.   When shown on a dashboard, titles will always appear, even when you filter out all the data in the view:

The Title is not hidden, but stays when data is filtered.

Notice how the  title stays, even when all the data is filtered and the view isn’t drawn.   This can be unsightly, especially in dashboards where I want to guide the user through some exploration.  Who wants to see titles of things that aren’t meant to be seen until you take an action?


One way to hide titles in Tableau

1. Create a calculated field with hard-coded string:

Customizing a Title with a CalculationI used the aggregation of MIN here to force it to be an aggregation to avoid it interfering with table calcs. (I also suspect that this is would be more performant than a row-level calculation in most cases, but I’m not sure. If you know, please leave a comment…)

2. Place the resulting calculated field on Columns to give you a custom “title” at the top of the view.

3. On the dashboard, you can hide the real title so that everything disappears when there is no data:

Custom Title that will be hidden

That’s not really a “title” it’s just a column header with some formatting.  Here are the steps I took to get it to look like a title:

  • Right-click the column header and select Format
  • Change the font size
  • Switch to Borders on the format window and adjust the level of Column Headers.

And now, the title is hidden when the view has no data!Title is hidden!

That’s it for this Tableau tip.  There’ll be more soon.  Subscribe to keep up-to-date!

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  1. Tim Hart says:

    Handy tip! Coincidentally, this also lets me dynamically incorporate parameter selections in the title.

  2. This is a great tip! I will definitely use this one in dashboards where I have ‘actions’ and have hidden data until someone clicks to filter. I always hide the title because I don’t want to see it if there’s no data showing.

  3. Mark Permann says:

    Found this by searching “Tableau Title None” in Google. AWESOME tip – Lets me hide the title if the worksheet itself is hidden (such as in a dashboard where multiple panels can be shown or hidden individually) *and* show parameter choices in the tile also (as Tim Hart mentions). Cheers!!

  4. Rakesh says:

    Thank you Very Much

  5. […] Create titles for views. Just double click a space on Columns type the title inside quotes and do some formatting.  Why would you do this?  Check out this post. […]

  6. Srikanth Baskaran says:

    Very helpful, to make the dashboard look neat.

  7. Arihant maloo says:

    If I want to have a background color for title.
    Can I achieve the same with the above process.

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