A “little” new formatting feature in Tableau 10.0

I’ve been blogging about some of the “little” Tableau  10.0 new features that aren’t as publicized as some of the flashier new features like the connector to Google sheets, seamless titles, or device specific design.  But these small things all add up to make a big difference.


some "small" things from Scale of the Universe 2 (click image to view)

some “small” things from Scale of the Universe 2

Now, Tableau 10 is still in beta, so of course some of these things might change by release, but I’m loving how the developers have slipped in some things that don’t get a lot of press.  Here’s a great new formatting feature.

Compare a quickly created dashboard in Tableau 9.3:

Tableau 9.3 Dashboard

with a dashboard quickly created in Tableau 10.0 beta:

Tableau 10.0 Dashboard

I haven’t applied any custom formatting to either of these.  And you’ll immediately notice the new default fonts and colors used in Tableau 10.  And those do get some press coverage.  But I see another small difference in the dashboard (the views specifically), that I love!  Do you see it? Look closely:

Tableau 9.3 border

Now that you see it, you will always see it in views created prior to 9.3.  There wasn’t anything wrong with the border, really.  But having it removed by default it is a much cleaner and modern look.  Combined with the new fonts and colors, dashboards will look clean and sharp in Tableau 10.0, even without a lot of custom formatting!

And if you want the border?  Well, it’s easy enough to get it back.  Just Format > Borders and add Pane Row and Column dividers:

adding a border

I’m loving the new look and feel in Tableau 10.  What do you think?  Feel free to leave comments below!


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  1. Luis says:

    One of the main issues I had with Tableau 9 was the default formatting. Glad to see it improve so much now!

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