Another “Little” Tableau 10 Feature: Data Source Screen Enhancements

Big shiny new Tableau 10 features get all the press: Data Highlighter, Custom Territories, Cross database joins… But what about the “little” things the Tableau developers slipped in without fanfare.  Little things that make life easier and more pleasant.  These things deserve a shout out too!

Little Things

And here are some Tableau 10 features that might escape your notice at first (and perhaps they aren’t new – it’s possible that they were there in earlier versions and I overlooked them until now.  If so, let me know!)

So, how about some of the little new things on the Tableau 10 Data Source screen.  Yes, that screen that’s one of the first screens you’ll see before you even start dragging and dropping to create beautiful data visualizations!  Here are some cool new enhancements:

  1. Use Data Interpreter checkbox moved.  The new location is great and right where I’m working on the connection initially:
    Data Interpreter
  2. Also, a place to add connections to your data source so you can join them together  AND color coding of your individual connections that gets carried into the designer and data preview so you can track from where all the data is coming.  True, this is part of a “big” new feature, but the little details such as color coding and reworked UI really work well.
  3. Aggregate calculations get shown in the data preview along with an information box to tell you why you don’t see any values.  It’s great to see all the fields that make up the data source!

Information Box


What little Tableau 10 things are you enjoying?

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