What’s New? Webinars, Tableau 10, second edition of Learning Tableau, and more!

Summer has come in Texas!  School is out. Tableau 10 beta testing is going full steam ahead and the new features are amazing!

So what have I been up to recently?

First, prepping to present a new webinar: Tableau 10 Preview!  You can participate live June 28th at noon (CDT).  You can watch a recording here.








Other than that, not much… just:

  • Beta Testing Tableau 10 (wow! I’m loving the new features!)
  • Writing a second edition of Learning Tableau with new tutorials and the new Tableau 10 features! (Now Available HERE!)
  • Presenting a series of webinars (and look below for a recap of a few that are available to watch!)
  • Prepping a few blog posts to share in the upcoming weeks!
  • IronViz feeder entries!
  • My day job at Teknion, helping clients understand data and make key decisions using Tableau


So now you’re thinking…

What’s coming to VizPainter.com?

Oh, not much… just… more blog posts about everything above!  And a surprise or two… so stay tuned.


Want to paint like Bob Ross?  In Tableau? … you will…


In the Meantime…

How about a recap of the last couple of webinars?

Learn the New Features of Tableau 9.3

  • Watch the webinar here
  • Download this workbook and follow along:

New Features


Okay, so we all can’t wait for Tableau 10 and it’s close.  So close you can almost taste it.  But it’s not here yet!  So, while we wait, how about getting up to speed with the latest and greatest that’s in production?  That would be Tableau 9.3! And the feature list for this one is also amazing!  I can’t believe how much the developers are cramming into each release and that they’re now releasing on a quarterly schedule!


Tips and Tricks with Two Tableau Ambassadors

  • Watch the webinar here

Tableau Tips


This one was fun!  Not only did I get to share some fun tips and tricks, but I got to do it with fellow Tableau Social Ambassador, Bridget Cogley (follow her on Twitter and her fantastic blog!)  Check out her post covering the webinar topic here.


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